• असतो मा सद्गमय | तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ! मृत्योर्मा अमृतंगमय |

  • प्रेरणा श्रोत - Inspired by-

    ईश्वर कि दृष्टि में पवित्र एवं शुद्ध भक्ति यह है कि गरीबों के दुःख तकलीफ में उनकी सेवा करें |

    Pure and undefiled worship before God is this to serve the poor in their affliction. James 1:27

दर्शन VISION

  • हाशिये पर जीवन यापन करनेवाले लोगों का समग्र विकास करना |

  • Overall transformation of marginalized people.

  • सेवा -MISSION

    • पुनर्वास के माध्यम से वंचित समूहों तक पहुचना एवं उनके विकास के लिए कार्य करना |

    • Reaching out to the underprivileged through rehabilitation and working for their development.

    लक्ष्य- GOAL

    25 प्रतिशत लोगों को गरीबी रेखा से ऊपर लाना

    Bringing up 25% people from the poverty line.

    मुख्य उद्देश्य-MAIN OBJECTIVE

    • 1. To open a College/School/Literacy centre for Poor people who sacrificed their dreams just because of lack of money
    • 2. To promote education, awareness, skills and IT through establish the educational institutions, centers, hostels and vocational trainings.
    • 3. To empower the women reject and counter violence within the home and in Society through education, self-help, cooperative, Network and to access rights.
    • 4. To reduce poverty by improving economic status of individuals through income Generation activities.
    • 5. To empower youth and adolescents by providing vocational/skill development trainings for sustainable livelihoods and employment.
    • 6. To rehabilitate child labour and empower the children on their rights.
    • 7. To improve health status of communities through health education and awareness, environmental cleanliness and increasing access to primary health and child care centers in remote villages.
    • 8. To eradicate illiteracy
    • 9. To promote gender equality.
    • 10. To educate beggar child, street child and slum child.
    • 11. To literate adults through adult literacy program.
    • 12. To move away from religious teachings and the advocacy of a scientific, rational and humanistic approach.
    • 13. To aware on organic farming.
    • 14. To aware on skilled education.
    • 15. To aware health issue and medical camp.
    • 16. To ware save the water and earth.
    • 17. To aware sanitation.
    • 18. To aware on protection of environment.
    • 19. To empower the women by tailoring and beautification.
    • 20. Youth and children legacy programme.
    • 21. To aware about human trafficking.
    • 22. To help by providing counseling on family issue.
    • 23. Marriage beauro and counseling.